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Applicant Feedback for Washington D.C VISA Application Center
    India Consular Services Camp, Raleigh, NC
  • Service is very good. People are very helpful.
    B. Singh ;
  • Good guys, helps out more than anything, thanks
    D. K. Patel ;
  • I like this service everyone are very helpful and thank you
    R. Patel ;
  • Thank you for this Camp. It is so helpful
    N. Lakinepally;
  • Quiet satisfied, hopefully would get OCI soon
    A. Shankar ;
  • Services are excellent. We encourage this type of services in future
    L. Tenneti ;
  • Very satisfactory experience, great job
    P. Trilok ;
  • Service is very good, very fast and helpful
    S. Kausidhu ;
  • Thanks for conducting this in NC area. Please keep up the good service
    I. Chinthakindi ;
  • Service is very good, very fast and helpful.
    S. K. Sidhu ;
  • Was fast processing. Felt very good
    B. Patel ;
  • Efficient and quick process
    A. Amarjeet ;
  • Good service
    U. Patel ;
  • Very useful for us. I recommend to all my friends
    B. Desai ;
  • Excellent
    N. Konduri ;
  • Fast and Easy extremely satisfied and people were very helpful
    J. Modi ;
  • Very helpful.
    M. Kedar ;
  • Thank you for the service, very satisfied.
    Shailaja ;
  • Thank you for doing this, giving up your weekends. Very thoughtful and helpful
    G. Jayaraman ;
  • Experience is wonderful & staff is cooperative
    P. Chawdhary ;
  • Extremely helpful staff, thank you
    Venkat ;
  • Services are very good, people are very helpful
    B.R. Sinh ;
  • Thanks this camps helps lot.
    Sanjaykumar ;
  • Good
    H. Patel ;
  • Nice Camp, great help, keep it up
    B. Sub ;
  • It is nice to have Consular Services Camp near to our location instead of people going to Indian Embassy
    K.T. Samhith ;
  • Very good service. Camp helped me to be complete on 1st attempt
    R. Reavis ;
  • The service was really good. And got what I had come for. Great people to work with. Thank you.
    D. Patel ;
  • Thanks this Camp helps a lot
    S. Kumar ;
  • Good to have services at Customers place
    A. Khadijah ;
  • Overall experience is good, thank you so much for your service to the people. Thanks to organisers, volunteers, supporters. Cheers
    R.A. Reddiar ;
  • Friendly, smiling faces, very helpful
    A. S. Vasudeva ;
  • I am very happy with camp & support provided never expected to have photo copy notary and all other facilities made available kudo's to organiser
    A. Patel ;
  • I am very happy with camp & support provided. Never expected to have photocopy, Notary and all other required facilities made available, Kudos to the organisers
    A. Patil ;
  • CKGS Staff was very helpful
    A. Mukherji ;
  • Great customer service. Please keep it up. Thanks
    S. Sharma ;
  • My experience is very satisfactory, they provide best service
    B. Patel ;
  • Very satisfied with the service and saved my trip to DC
    J. Dhillon ;
  • All the men and women were super stars in energy, patience & customer service.
    P.P. Reddy ;
  • Very good service camp helped me to be complete on first attempt
    R. Reave ;
  • Very easy & timely service at local Place good customer service.
    N. Vetener ;
  • Thank you for doing this, giving up your weekends very thoughtful and helpful.
    G. Jayaraman ;
  • CKGS staff was extremely helpful and prompt really appreciate the quick service I was very disappointed with previous service provider.
    Kunjal ;
  • Efficient Process
    A. Amaresh ;
  • Was fast processing felt very good.
    B. L. Patel ;
  • Thanks for conducting this in NC area please keep up good service
    I. Chinthakindi ;
  • Services are excellent we encourage this type of services in Future.
    L. Tennett ;
  • Great Customer service please keep it up thanks.
    S. Sharma ;
  • There are not enough thanks I can say to you and your team. All of your supports made Raleigh Consular Services Camp succeed along with presents of Shri N.K. Mishra (Minister Community Affairs) and Shri Prasanna Srivastava (First Secretary Consular) from Indian Embassy.
    N. Patel (Triangle Gujarati Association (TGA) / Yogi divine Society (YDS)) ;

  • India Consular Services Camp held in Seattle, WA
  • On behalf of the Puget Sound area community members, I would like to express thanks from bottom of my heart to you for organizing the Visa / OCI / Renunciation camp in this area yesterday. Most of the community members were satisfied by the CKGS dedicated, and courteous service.

    Your staff members are very professional, efficient and hard working. They worked long hours without taking any breaks.

    In my view it was a successful camp from every aspect, even with the applicants’ turnout. Please convey our gratitude to all the staff members.

    Best regards
    J. Sharma
    Chairman-Emeritus Indo American Friendship Forum
  • Thank you so much for bringing a much needed visa camp in our community as evidenced by the large turnouts.

    I would like to take a moment to give my heartfelt thanks to you and your entire team on behalf of the Indian community and the Exec Board of IAWW.

    We would definitely like to do it again as part of our commitment to community service.

    Once again thank you so much.
    N. Mittal
    President IAWW
    S. Uliyar
    Vice President IAWW

  • India Consular Services Camp held in Raleigh-Morrisville, WA
  • Thank you for your good wishes. Camp was very successful and CKGS was at its best. We were able to serve close to 300 applications on that day.

    It was a very professional set up in our big hall and community indeed appreciated.

    -Thanks and regards,
    M. Pandya

  • Applicant Feedback for New York VISA Application Center
      India Consular Services Camp, Plainsboro, NYC
    • Good service.
      H. Kathula ;
    • Please do more such camps.
      Kedar ;
    • Visa camp was very helpful.
      Narmadalyn ;
    • CKGS is helpful & also helping person are very co-operative thanks to CKGS Staff.
      D. Trivedi ;
    • Great service very helpful CKGS staff
      V. Jonna ;
    • You guys are simply amazing.
      N. Panchal ;
    • Good service at Visa Camp.
      D. Desai ;
    • Visa Camp was very helpful CKGS Staff was helpful.
      S. Allareddy ;
    • Excellent service! Love the camp.
      K. Rangan ;
    • Very nice service.
      J. Pus ;
    • Completely Satisfied! Thank you so much for organizing and kind help.
      Geetanjali ;

    • India Consular Services Camp, Chelmsford (Boston), MA
    • The staff/website was extremely helpful. This was my first time applying for a visa and they made very easy. They answered all my questions! Quick and easy process. Thank you.
      M. Bensalah ;
    • Really great initiative by CKGS much appreciated. Should be more advertised on website! This is a really helpful service.
      A. Ganwar ;
    • This is excellent service as compared to any past experience I had with Indian Consulate. I am very impressed and highly recommend this to all my friends & family members. If I have to compare, it’s like Marriott’s in hotel services as compare to junk motel in corner of the town.
      D. Patel ;
    • People were very friendly and provided prompt and courteous service. It was very helpful to have a Consular Services Camp on a Saturday here in MA. It saved much time on my part and I appreciate it very much.
      M. Bhatt ;
    • This was so good it renewed my faith in India. I thank your staff on the phone and at the Camp. Thank you.
      R. Manns ;
    • This type of Consular Services Camp is very beneficial to Indian community. No hassle and no headache. Staff very much helpful every which way.
      N. Baffana ;
    • My experience at Consular Services Camp was extremely satisfactory. The staff greeted warmly at entrance. The staff was courteous. All my questions were answered satisfactorily. Process was fast. Well organised.
      Hemantkumar ;
    • Extremely courteous, outstanding service. Nothing can be better than this endeavour. Thanks a lot.
      D. Mohanty ;
    • Overall experience was extremely satisfactory. This helps us save time and confusion. Thank you.
      S. Sampath ;
    • I am extremely satisfied with the service provided.
      S.R. Datta ;
    • We have been waiting for this service for a very long time. Excellent service which saves a lot of time, It will be good to have this service again in the Boston area. Very pleased.
      V. Mahadevan ;
    • The staff was extremely helpful throughout. Also the venue in Boston made it very easy for us.
      P. Varghese ;
    • Made me proud to be Indian they were treating everybody with dignity and respect. Thanks for all the efforts.
      A. Shah ;
    • Thank you for the outreach program. It helps who live far off from New York. Appreciate it. The service was good and professional. Thank you.
      H. Pradeep ;
    • Please have more such camps. Extremely helpful, courteous staff. Very efficient too.
      T. Yadav ;
    • Excellent experience and much more convenient than going down to NYC. Very well organised and very polite staff.
      R. Yadav ;
    • Services are very good I want CKGS to come to Boston every month.
      Z. Salejwala ;
    • This is the best service we can get from Indian Embassy. I think this service can be provided every year.
      P. Arti ;
    • The staff was extremely helpful. I would recommend providing this Camp again.
      A. Patel ;
    • The CKGS staff was very nicely and helpful was very courteous.
      M. Sawant ;
    • Thank you so much for providing this service. Everyone involved was helpful and courteous. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you.
      S. Singhal ;
    • Excellent Service saved my 2days.
      Jayesh ;

    • India Consular Services Camp, Iselin, NJ
    • The Consular Services Camp is a great relief for applicants. Very convenient and supportive staff.
      R. Vadla ;
    • It’s awesome, especially the hospitality, the cookies and H2O for the kids. You should announce that photos, copies, Notary could be done here. That will add more value. Awesome Blossom, Keep it going.
      S. Valluru ;
    • Excellent development in the OCI process. CKGS Staff provided excellent service and was very friendly. The staff provided excellent service to cap our excellent trip to Iselin NJ Consular Services Camp. This method will be very popular soon. Thank you.
      S. Ghatpande ;
    • We are pleased with your service. Please keep up the good work! We felt like we were served at our home.
      S. Annamaneni ;
    • It is nice to have such Consular Services Camp. I am extremely satisfied by the service provided by CKGS staff. They have cleared all my doubts.
      C. V. Vishwanath ;
    • Excellent service. Really much appreciated. Thank you. Would like to see more such camps (once a month at least). All staff members were great. Thank you and the service was excellent.
      G. Dave ;
    • It’s good. CKGS Staff made the processing quickly. They are really helpful. The Consular Services Camp and the services are great.
      Swethi ;
    • I am extremely satisfied with their service. I really hope CKGS continue to provide the service. I drive from Pennsylvania (2hours drive), this was very convenient. Staff is very helpful. CKGS staff is the best. 10mins processing time.
      J. Gill ;
    • Looking at the popularity of the program and the help it provides to residents of the area, it will be nice to have these camps frequently and few more counters to reduce wait time. Overall nice help for all.
      K. Taparia ;
    • It was wonderful not to have to travel to Manhattan where we would have had to park in a loit and endure traffic. The staff was extremely polite and helpful. Thank you so much!
      J. Cohen ;
    • This Visa service provided for New Jersey residents is really very good & hope should be maintain the same way in future also. Thanks
      M. B. Patel ;
    • It was good that our documents were checked. It helped that we came ahead of the appointment. Maybe this can be highlighted when booking the appointment.
      M. Calambur ;
    • It was a great pleasure being helped by CKGS Staff. They took care of the process very efficiently. Very friendly and supportive. Great job.
      P. Gupta ;
    • Appreciate the camp and weekend service. Very good experience in total.
      A. Athikam ;
    • Excellent arrangements by CKGS & IAB. Suggest doing more with other organisations also like TV Asia.
      S. Parikh ;
    • It was really useful. Generally in weekdays I have to go to NY for this purpose. This location is very close and convenient. It is complete in one hour.
      P. R. Somula ;
    • This is a great system that will be very helpful for the community. The staff at CKGS and Indus American Bank Iselin was very helpful. The process was very quick and efficient. The entire staff was very helpful.
      S. Yegnaraman ;
    • Excellent Customer Service here in New Jersey Camp. Email communication should be more helpful if regularized.
      P. K. Mohapatra ;
    • Everybody was polite, courteous and helpful. This is a great service, Thank you!
      A. Rao ;
    • Service is very good.
      N. Kumar ;
    • We should have this on a regular basis! A great and convenient service! Thanks!
      A. Mathur ;
    • This was beneficial in that we were in the convenience of our neighbourhood. Not necessary to drive into the city. Please continue this service for the convenience it offers the Indian community in NJ!
      C. Mathur ;

    • India Consular Services Camp held in Albany, New York
    • On behalf of Tricity India Association, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to you and your friendly staff members for their courteous & professional help during the VISA Camp at Albany, NY.

      We really appreciate the combined guidance and support that was provided by Indian Consulate, NY and Cox & Kings Global Services, which helped us organizing a successful VISA Camp at Albany.

      R. M. Lalukota
      President, Tricity India Association

    • India Consular Services Camp, Feasterville-Trevose
    • Greatly appreciate the Camp & its facilities for Indian Origin. Support & location was extremely satisfactory. Thank you CKGS staff.
      M. Avani ;
    • Extremely satisfied in all Aspects.
      P. Ganti ;
    • The overall experience is good. The walk-in helps us to make process clear and easier. Thanks and extend walk-ins.
      R. Ramalingam ;
    • Thank you for providing service at our door steps. It saved our time.
      S. Yandrapu ;
    • Thanks for taking initiative and providing a service near to our place.
      S K Gujja ;

    • India Consular Services Camp, Cleveland
    • CKGS Staff is very knowledgeable.
      N. Parekh ;
    • CKGS Staff is very experienced in handling Queries.
      B. Parekh ;
    • Very helpful staff at CKGS camp in OHIO.
      Mr. Prakash ;
    • The camp was fun in a professional manner.
      C. Anthony ;
    • Please continue this service as it is really helpful.
      L. Narayanan D J ;
    • CKGS Staff did very good job.
      H. Thakkar ;
    • Good Job.
      K. Thakkar ;
    • CKGS representative was fast efficient and was courteous.
      B. Desai ;
    • Met volunteers who are friendly and nice!
      A. Khan ;

    • India Consular Services Camp, Middletown, CT
    • Appreciate the community service done by CKGS, Milon organisation and CVHTS Temple.
      Lasya ;
    • Very Good behaviour of CKGS staff. They are very supportive and intelligent.
      Shanti ;
    • Great Service. Thank you.
      Kavya ;
    • This was very comfortable & satisfactory experience, CKGS Staff does an excellent job with his knowledge on the details we needed. Overall excellent job.
      P. Bhatt ;
    • CKGS staff was very cheerful & helpful. God bless them.
      L. Sundaraman ;
    • Great service newer experience.
      Rekha ;
    • Camp was Very helpful. Thank You
      S. Gummaluri ;
    • Heartily Thankful to CKGS staff for their help Thank you.
      B. Thakran ;
    • CKGS Staff was very helpful.
      J. khilrani ;
    • Visa officer were good but management was just satisfactory.
      Natvarlal ;
    • Great Service
      T. Joseph ;
    • Excellent Job done by the CKGS.
      N. Rahaman ;
    • Thanks for making this initiative. This was very easy & helpful.
      B. Prakash ;
    • Wonderful Experience. Thank You CKGS.
      S.B. Rahaman ;
    • Convenient location waiting for ok and CKGS staff very helpful. Thanks
      Tushar ;
    • Good Job Keep It up.
      Blessy ;
    • Very Good Service, Nice people.
      P. Gunda ;
    • Great Experience, Extremely satisfied by the courteous attitude of all the staff highly recommend. Thank you CKGS!
      M. Srinivasan ;

    • India Consular Services Camp, Hicksville, NY
    • Excellent Job. Keep It Up!!!
      A. Kaul ;

    • Applicant Feedback for San Francisco VISA Application Center
        India Consular Services Camp, Los Angeles (Buena Park), CA
      • CKGS staff wonderful and helpful.
        J. Chizer ;
      • Good Service.
        A. Bhandary ;
      • Overall very good! Great Job!
        C. Sharoff ;
      • It is easy process in the camp. I am very satisfied with service.
        N. Patel ;
      • Excellent Service.
        R. Nanavati ;
      • Great Job.
        S. Naik ;
      • Overall it was good. Good experience.
        R. Sheth ;

      • India Consular Services Camp, Buena Park, CA
      • I am very thankful to the staff of Cox & Kings Global Services who were very helpful and put up long hours.
        V. Shah ;

      • India Consular Services Camp, Fresno, CA
      • All information on the website is very useful and understandable. Thanks.
        J. Deol ;
      • Keep up the good work!
        I. Singh ;
      • Very Good!
        J.S. Dhillon ;
      • The Camp was very helpful in assisting with the completion of the Visa submission!
        Ramandeep ;
      • Keep it up. Thanks for coming to Fresno WELCOME.
        S. D. Sharma ;
      • Best Service.
        P. Singh ;
      • All service was extremely satisfied. I like it very much. I am satisfied with service & Co-operation by staff.
        K. Palkaur ;
      • Excellent service very nice and pleasant. Everybody helpful God Bless.
        H. Singh ;
      • I love this service.
        P. Kaur ;
      • Very good service very happy.
        I. Singh ;
      • I think this kind of camp should so more often it really helpful.
        M. Kaur ;
      • It was good
        N. Kumar ;
      • Great Have it too often.
        I. Sandhu ;

      • Applicant Feedback for Houston VISA Application Center
          India Consular Services Camp, Garland, Texas
        • Thanks to you and your entire team for bringing the Consular Camp to Dallas. It was received very well within DFW Metroplex. We at IANT are the pillars that want to provide the service to the community. But you are the bridge over it that connected the community with the services they need. Coming from Houston with entire staff is by no means a small task. That too sacrificing the weekend of most precious family time. Entire IANT team wants to Thank each and every one from the bottom of our hearts.

          Your services were very well commended by the attendees. The professionalism, politeness in answering questions, and acumen of workmanship were most repeated words from the participants towards your staff. As you may know the camp was overbooked. And huge bunch of people were waiting without appointments to try their luck. The camp is supposed to be closed by 2:00 but went on till 4:00 PM. Yet, not caring much that their entire team is tired, CKGS Staff made a very kind decision to accept the rest of the folks who were waiting-in without appointments since morning. This shows how dedicated and service oriented your entire team is. Kudos to you all sir.

          Once again, please accept our heartfelt thanks from entire IANT team. Humbly seeking and looking forward to have another Consular camp in near future.

          -Thanks and Regards
          N. R. Bakthula
          IANT Secretary

        • India Consular Services Camp held at Fun Asia Richardson in Dallas, Texas
        • Greetings! On behalf of the entire IANT Team and the North Texas Community, I express our deep gratitude for hosting the India Consular Camp. Needless to say, it was a success from all sides that at least I can think of. And the execution was according to the plan. Everyone cooperated and any issues that arose were immediately resolved and final decision given on site.

          The spirit of service at play showed the keen interest you have in the community remaining grateful to our motherland, even while living in our adopted homeland. And do convey our gratitude to Consul Amrit Paul and Vice Consul Rakesh Sharma. Their help at the camp was indeed invaluable.

          The CKGS team and each one individually and all collectively were awesome. Their service, everyone was happy with.

          Even the entire team at FunAsia came through in a way, with regard to venue; snacks, tea and lunch that made us look good only. Again, thanks to everyone, including the IANT volunteers.

          -Warm regards, with appreciation,
          S. Maini
          IANT Chairman BoT
          A. Syed
          IANT Co Chair BoT
          S. Gunukula
          IANT President

Applicant Feedback for Washington D.C VISA Application Center
  • The Service has greatly improved since last 5 years. My son's application last year was processed easily. The tracking of OCI application through CKGS website is very cool. Thanks!
    J. Nair ;
  • This is to make sure that my appreciation reaches to CKGS VAC Staff for their patience and guidance through the concerns I had regarding my son's OCI status. It was a pleasure to talk to CKGS VAC Staff who had tact to convincingly answer to my questions. Keep up the good work CKGS Staff. You will be very liked by customers like me who call with much concerns.
    J. Mukidi ;
  • My name is D. Schwartz and if I may indulge you, please allow me to comment on my experience this past week with Cox & Kings.

    My associate had bought an airline ticket to India a few weeks ago. When he applied for his e-visa he was rejected because we had just learned that he could only have two visas in a year's cycle [When traveling to India]. He (my associate) was scheduled to leave for India where we conduct business this past Saturday and we found ourselves in a very tenuous predicament. He was out of town and needed to be in India in three days and we had no visa!

    Immediately upon realizing we were in a very tight spot, last Wednesday, three days before my associate’s flight to India, I drove to D.C. I immediately went to the India Embassy to request a visa only to discover they would not deal with our issue because it was late in the afternoon. The India Embassy referred me to visit CKGS.

    When I walked into your 1250 23rd St. office I was a bit stressed and concerned we would not succeed in getting my associate’s visa. Keeping in mind, we had meetings planned, appointments and other business-related items to attend, and here we are 2-3 days before his flight with no visa.

    When I approached the counter [at Cox & Kings] I was warmly greeted by a one of CKGS staff member. He carefully listened to our situation and assured me he would do all he could to help. Additionally, I asked to meet with his supervisor in order to plead my case with all the powers I could.

    After CKGS staff member had explained the process, needless to say, I was daunted by the number of things I had to get done in one day in order to have the slightest chance of obtaining visa.

    Subsequent to that, one of the CKGS staff member met with me and said she could not guarantee a positive result, but would do all she could. Frankly, that is all I could ask for. I was content that these two individuals would work diligently on our behalf to solve our problem.

    As mentioned, CKGS staff was fantastic. I run various businesses and in two of them, customer service is paramount. CKGS staff members are the model on how to treat customers.

    As mentioned, I met with one of the CKGS staff member and she also walked me through the process of application, sponsor letters, etc. I am here to tell you: CKGS staff members are first-class professionals. Their manners, approach, steadfastness and pleasant demeanor are an asset to CKGS. CKGS Staff member kindly instructed me on all I had to do, answered all my questions and, sent me off with a full understanding of the process.

    After leaving your office with the long list of things I need to accomplish and after working all night with our clients in India and with my associate out of town and through hard work and guidance from CKGS Staff members, I was fortunate to compile the entire package and deliver it the next day to your office. Again, CKGS staff was there to receive me and they were extremely accommodating.

    This past Friday, two days after my mission began, I was informed that my associate’s visa was ready for pick-up. How incredible!

    Sir, were it not for CKGS staff’s kind help and supervision overseeing everything, we would never have been successful in obtaining the business visa. As I stayed in touch with CKGS staff through the entire process, their timeliness in communicating was very much appreciated. Many times when the customer leaves the office they are forgotten. Not in this case. If anything, CKGS staff’s attention to our case was unparalleled. CKGS staff is a pro's pro and please know how much I appreciate their leadership.

    Many thanks to CKGS Staff. They are two professionals who cast CKGS in a very fine light.

    If ever you need an endorsement or wish to refer anyone to me with regard to the competence of your company, please do not hesitate. I have to now apply for my business visa and you can be assured I will be using Cox & Kings.

    Thank you.
    D. Schwartz ;
  • On behalf of myself, as well as Edlow International Company, I would like to formally thank you and the CKGS staff for all the emergency assistance that you have provided in expediting the numerous emergency business visa requests.

    The assistance from you and your staff has allowed us to tend to the requests of the Indian Department of Atomic Energy in Mumbai to take care of an urgent matter over the past month. Additionally, the attentive and pleasant service that we had received had made this whole matter a little less stressful.

    Thank you again for all your help.

    Best regards,
    A. Rony ;
  • Hello Good Evening!

    Today I am writing this email to say THANK YOU! I know you receive a lot of emails to complain about your services but I want to take some time and say that you have wonderful staff. I came to submit my application a few weeks ago. I had 3 applications, one for me, and two for my both parents. The CKGS staff was very patient and checked all my docs and helped me correct it. Also, today I went to pick up my Visa. As I was sitting in your lobby of CKGS, I was just observing how people were trying to be rude but the staff was so calm and helping everyone. I am AVP in one of the great company and I always get touched when I do receive an outstanding service. I just wanted to take some time and say thank you to your staff for the great service. Loved it. Great exceptional services by CKGS.
    S. Shah ;
  • Thank you so very much, for such a timely & prompt help.

    You at CKGS, are just awesome.

    It's much appreciated.
    Dr. S. K. Gupta, MD, Chairman NCAIA Inc. ;
  • Greetings! I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in getting my father's OCI.

    I am writing this letter specially to show my gratitude for the help in regards to my father’s OCI process. We had to apply for my father's OCI 3 times due to some missing documents however, the constant correspondence and assistance from CKGS was commendable. They have been an incredible support throughout the process and we were able to receive my father’s OCI just in time for him to fly to India. CKGS has been of great assistance.

    Please accept my gratitude towards CKGS staff for their professionalism and great customer service skills.

    Best wishes and warmest regards,
    D. Jumani ;
  • It is amazing to see that every person in CKGS is extremely helpful and solve any issues.
    S. Bonthala ;
  • I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the gallant effort you folks made in helping me get my passport back. It was exemplary customer service and good team work.
    The CKGS staff was very friendly and extremely polite in all their dealings with me.
    You have built a great team - please keep up the good work.
    Thank you for everything!!!
    A. Gurjale ;
  • I had awesome experience with OCI application process. We had submitted application at CKGS camp in NC and I want to extend my special thanks to the CKGS staff, who helped us organize and find any missing documentation a day prior to actual submission at the camp. Even after submission, for in-person OCI matchup, we were lucky to have spoken to the CKGS staff who helped us with the last step and again, the process was very smooth. CKGS Washington is very organized and efficient, we received our OCI within 3 months time frame.
    SB Acr ;
  • I am not sure why there are so many negative experience about this place in Washington .. I applied for an entry visa for my daughter .. called the customer support on Monday 6/20 waited for 15-20 min and the customer support explained me the process of how to apply .. spent a day to arrange for documents and notary from UPS and booked an walk-in appointment at 9:15 am 6/22.. went there exactly at 9:10 and I was immediately called.. they verified all my documents and I paid my visa fees.. everything was so quick

    Thanks for your support CKGS.
    Rama K. ;
  • I am writing on behalf of Dynamic Airways to thank you grandly for your assistance in expediting the issuance and distribution of forty-seven visas in one calendar week! The services that were facilitated by your office rank above and beyond expectations.

    My personal interactions with, and the client service provided to me by the CKGS staff were remarkable. Every time I walked into the CKGS office, the staff greeted me quickly, warmly and professionally. They took the time to review details of the application packages to ensure completion, and also reached out to me during the day with updates. I am extremely impressed with the courteous and respectful demeanor presented by the CKGS staff with every step of the process.

    My experience as a whole with Cox & Kings Global Services was extremely pleasant and successful. I look forward to any and all future collaborations with your office.
    H. Johanson, Air Transportation Supervisor, Dynamic Airways ;
  • I am very happy for the support provided by CKGS website and staff.
    S. Kavaka ;
  • People at the counter were nice and helpful Thank you.
    A. Jawed ;
  • Very helpful, friendly and easy to navigate!
    S. Khanna ;
  • Awesome Job keep it up!!
    B. Trivesh ;
  • Pleasant in-person appointment experience. Thank you!
    H. Keerikatte ;
Applicant Feedback for New York VISA Application Center
  • This is to inform you that we have received the OCI card for our son on last Friday via FedEx. From the heart we sincerely thank you, the helpline team, CKGS and the Indian Consulate for helping and mitigating cases of families like ours so quickly and swiftly.
    We wish you all a very happy and a prosperous Holiday season.
    Expressing our thanks again to all of you from our pea pod....
    R. Balasubramanian ;
  • While most of the users had bad experiences here, I fortunately had a very pleasant and positive experience with CKGS NY. I applied OCI for my new born through CKGS, NY center through mail and I got the OCI in hand in 50 calendar days (4th May to 22 Jun). I had a situation where in after submitting for passport match up i need to relocate immediately. I called the CKGS, NY call-center and spoke with San*** and Su*** (full name masked). Initially both declined saying there is no such option exist to change address, but later upon explaining my situation, they put me on hold for few minutes to discuss with their manager and came back saying they could help me in this case, though their website says they would not entertain such situations. They both went and escalated my situation (though I never asked them to do so) and made sure my situation was addressed. Today I am very happy that the above two person helped me end to end to get the OCI in hand.

    Though I am very happy CKGS NY helped in my last minute request, I do have few issues listed below which CKGS, NY should look into to give positive experience across everyone

    1. On one particular day I tried reaching them at least 100 times and phone call wont go through. It just hangs up or says too many calls.
    2. There could be an option of calling back, when situation demands. Unfortunately when I was in call with one of the call center guys my phone got switched off due to low battery and i need to again wait 3 hours inline to get connected to different person.
    3. Though I had a positive and courteous experience with above two person I mentioned, somewhere the process went wrong on CKGS NY and they shipped to old address, though by phone/email I received oral/written confirmation that the passport+OCI will be sent to correct address. As said before it took above two person to go over and above their responsibility to correct it in last minute, hold the Fedex delivery and reroute the shipment to new address.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the CKGS agent who processed my son's OCI application. She was very co-operative & helpful, asides from being thorough & professional.
    S. Shukla;
  • Barring the last minute hiccups, Overall I had a pleasant experience with CKGS, NY. Thank you!
    Rajasekar S.N. ;
  • Thank you very much for my refund process within week. I really appreciate it your time and efforts. CKGS refund team is doing great job, thanks again.
    S.A. Saikh ;
Applicant Feedback for Chicago VISA / OCI / Renunciation Application Center
  • Thank you for your good service. Your CSR is awesome and answers all sort of questions professionally. No matter how many times I had called with a question, I always got answer from them. Once again thank you for all the help
    Z. M. Khanqashi ;
  • Good Morning CKGS Staff and cannot thank you enough for such a prompt response! Your service is much appreciated and please keeps up the good work. Have a nice day!
    K. K. Pamarty. ;
  • I just wanted to inform everyone that I did receive my visa yesterday in the timeliest manner, enabling me to attend the auspicious World Ramayana Conference.

    Thank you all for your support in handling this in record time. I especially appreciate the kind attention of the Indian Embassy, the Indian Embassy in Chicago, and finally Cox & Kings, for everything they did to facilitate the process.

    Thank you again for making this happen in such an efficient and warm manner.

    All the Best to all of you for the holidays,
    M. Sternfeld ;
  • I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for the Courtesies extended to me, during my visit to Cox & Kings on Sept 29th, 2016.

    The CKGS Staff patiently listened to what I had to say and guided me through the Process. I was very apprehensive in approaching Cox & Kings, but the staff has completely changed my mind for the GOOD, with the courtesy and professionalism shown to me. Kudos to you for a job well done.

    You and your families are invited to visit Hydrox Laboratories any time. Again, THANK YOU for your help and if I can be of any service to you, please do not hesitate to ask.

    I have sent a Note of Thanks to Hon. Consul Vishav Pal as well.

    Best Wishes,
    Pres/CEO, Hydrox Laboratories
  • @CKGSUSA Great service in Chicago, I received fresh OCI card for my minor within 40 days. Thank u for this much frequent service.
    K. lal ;
  • CKGS Staff was great help, saved my trip back home. Very professional.
    S. Harish;
  • CKGS Staff very helpful in helping me fill out my OCI Application very professional. Great customer service.
    J. Puh;
  • Great work with customer service and help.
    B. Upata;
  • CKGS Staff was very helpful and polite.
    A. Patel;
  • CKGS Staff was so kind and helping to me.
    D. Savahya;
  • Really appreciate what CKGS Staff did for me step by step. They provided an awesome help.
    C.A. Stbut;
  • CKGS Staff was very helpful.
    A. Jenner;
  • Accomplish my struggle with CKGS Staff help. Thank you so much!! Very professional.
  • Excellent customer service by CKGS Staff.
    S. Kumra;
  • CKGS Staff was very helpful.
  • CKGS staff helped so much.
    U. Ameresh;
  • CKGS staff was very professional and friendly in helping me get through this process. Thanks for everything.
    V. Shukla ;
  • CKGS staff was extremely helpful.
    T. J. Thomas ;
  • CKGS staff was very helpful Thank you again!
    A. Patel ;
Applicant Feedback for Houston VISA Application Center
  • Thank you so much for your prompt response. I am really impressed with the speed of your responses.
  • You guys rock! CKGS' help during the preparation, processing and tracking is very impressive. It helped my wife, mother-in-law and my daughter to get their OCI card over the past 3 months. In each instance, CKGS' people and systems performed admirably.
    G. Krishnan ;
  • CKGS Staff help me process my application. The Staff was very kind and very helpful. I really appreciate them for all they did for me.
    A. Prasla ;
  • If you had not been so patient with me, I am sure I would not have completed everything as needed. Many thanks again. I know it must be difficult at times when you see so many people like myself who are unable to understand what is to you, a basic knowledge of the process. I have always been treated with the greatest respect any time I have had to work on visas for India. It is good to see that after so many years, the courtesy and respect remains.

    All the best to you and the rest of the office personnel.
    G. Ray;
  • I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by CKGS staff on December 23, 16. We drove all the way from Dallas to apply for the Visa thinking we can pick up the visa on the same day. But we were informed that the process time was longer than we expected. My father in law was in a serious condition and my husband needed to travel the next day. The team from the office helped us and we were able to get my husband an emergency visa on the same day. The ability to provide the resolution quickly exceeded my expectations.

    I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of your staff. Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship.

    I really commend the prompt service provided by CKGS team for their professionalism and superlative skills.

    Danny Thomas;
  • This letter is to express my thanks and gratitude to the General Consulate of India and CKGS service teams in Houston, Texas for the professionalism and above and beyond services demonstrated on December 23, 2016.

    I would like to give my highest regards to the CKGS employees for the willingness to go out of their way to assist me in my many visits to the CKGS. They were very helpful in the application process, documentation verifying and any technical help needed by an applicant. When I arrived today to see my application status in dire need of answers, the CKGS staff called the consulate and went above and beyond expectations to plead my case to the visa officer to grant me a visa. The consulate officers have also assisted their colleagues at the CKGS, I give my sincerest thanks to them for helping me to the best of their Capabilities.

    I would like to make the Consulate and CKGS aware of their customer services and good employees, I have written this letter to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to each of the individuals and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management for employing people who have the compassion and willingness to meet every applicant needs and going above and beyond an applicant’s expectations.

    Thank you
    N. Singh;
  • Just a short thank-you to CKGS & Consulate of India at Houston, for the wonderful service.

    I should have written this email earlier. I thought I will write it while I am in India. But due to poor internet connectivity in my town, I couldn't not send an email. Now I am back in US. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the great service that I received from both CKGS and Consulate of India.

    I sent my Renunciation and visa application forms on Nov 10, 2016. I also sent my daughter's visa application. I received my daughter passport on Nov 16th after processing. My application was still at consulate under process until Nov 17th. My family was planning to travel to India on Nov 21, 2016. It was very frustrating moment for not seeing any status change in my applications till Nov 17th.

    So, on Nov 18th, I left a message to Consulate office hoping that somebody will call me back. I received a call from the Consulate office and I explained them my situation. The staff member was very kind to me over the phone and told me that she will check the status of application and call me back. She did call me back as she promised me. She said the application has already been processed and it is with CKGS and suggested to call them. So, I called CKGS office and told them about the phone conversation I had with the staff at the Consulate. The people at CKGS are amazing. They immediately checked the application and told me that it is in Dispatch, but there is no weekend delivery. But I was in a need to receive my passport in the weekend to travel on Monday Nov 21 at 10am.

    It was 5pm, on Friday. I was talking to a CKGS staff member. I explained him about my situation and asked him to help me. At 5pm on Friday, while he was eagerly waiting to go home to see his family, he was so generous to help me by going to FedEx to mail my passport. And he called me from FedEx office at 5:30 as he promised, to confirm my address. It was so nice of him to take the time to send it. His service proved that he cares about his customers and he is committed to his work. My heartfelt thanks to CKGS staff, without whom I wouldn't have travelled to India with my family.

    My passport got delivered on Saturday, Nov 19th. On Monday, Nov 21, while I was in the airport, I got a call from the Consulate to make sure that I got my passport and am traveling with my family. I was speechless when I got the call. I cannot express my appreciation in words.

    I will always be grateful for the service. I want to express my sincere gratitude for all your help and wish you all a happy holiday season!

    M. Muthukumar;
  • I would like to take a quick moment to appreciate a few of the individuals that I had the pleasure to interact with this past Friday.

    I had to make a special trip from Dallas to talk to someone regarding my visa and my passport. During the course of the day, I interacted with a staff member at CGI- Houston and one at CKGS. Both of these individuals were very professional, empathic, and truly listened to my concerns. They made me feel valued as their customer and with the help of few other CKGS employees, the team was able to assist me with my situation.

    I just wanted to make sure I contacted someone to let them know what an amazing job this team is doing and how great they were with helping me!
    M. Naviwala ;
  • Thank you for calling me in reference to email that I have sent for assistance, we have send an email to cox and kings and our Indian Consulate office on Friday 11/04/2016. An applicant needed a Visa to go to India and all the paperwork was done, there was some issue regarding her paperwork. After sending an email we have received a prompt service from our Indian Consulate office and Cox and king and they have granted her visa approval. She has received her passport today so she can go to India in timely manner for her son wedding.

    We are very happy with the services given by Cox and Kings and our Indian Consulate office in Houston. Specially I want to thank the CKGS staff for taking time to give us a call and follow up on the issues and resolve it ASAP. Please continue doing the great work for our community and God Bless You All.
    N. Mirani, India Culture Director ;
  • We were provided with Excellent Service at CKGS and we truly appreciate it.

    My husband and I had driven over an hour from Galveston to Houston to submit our passports for Indian Visas. We had filled out application forms incorrectly and initially there was no one there to assist us. Everyone kept repeating that the form was incorrect and said that without an appointment they were unable to help us.

    Prior to leaving to return to Galveston to fill them out again, I asked a gentleman who was standing these for some assistance. I asked him for some help in seeing what was wrong on the form so that we wouldn’t waste a second trip as well.

    In a very polite, friendly and professional manner he took it upon himself to assist us. He attempted to make the corrections to aid us himself with a smile and a helpful attitude.

    Needless to say, we breathed a sigh of relief as were able to have the paperwork corrected and apply for visas as opposed to making a return trip. I was highly pleased with the professional manner in which your staff processed our applications. The service my husband and I received was helpful and done with a smile. Please convey our thanks for this experience to your staff.
    D. Desai ;
  • I had applied for an OCI in lieu of a PIO. My experience was very good. The manager of the OCI/PIO Department and his team lead, went out of their way to assist and answer all my questions. If it wasn't for the team lead assistance, there is no telling how much longer it would have taken for this process. I am very appreciative of him and her for what they did and all their help. They were awesome!!! Thank you and kudos to the Operation Manager and his team.
    S. Daswani ;
  • I sent my packet via FedEx from Colorado on 8/11 and had my passport back on 8/19. I realized a day after sending it that I had made a minor error on the application by omitting my middle name in the given name section. I called CKGS immediately and was able to speak to a customer service representative within minutes. I explained my situation, and he assured me that everything would likely be okay. Sure enough, I received my Visa page back with my complete name. I am grateful for their efficient and effective processing as I will be traveling to India in several weeks. On a separate note, I have read many comments regarding difficulties in completing the online forms. There are many helpful sites that have sample completed forms with very specific instructions. I consider myself to be fairly tech savvy, so I just completed it on my own without a guide to reference. My advice is to double check everything once printing the document checklist for completion. It is self-explanatory and intuitive.
    A. K ;
  • Nice people. Really helpful all the way to fill out application, will go back again.
    F. Khan ;
  • I dealt with 4 individuals in the C&K office in Houston. Every single one of them was extremely nice and very helpful. I waited there about 6 hours to resolve an urgent issue with the visa and during that time I saw all the customer service employees interact in the same polite and attentive manner with the customers. Top notch service.
    E. Bateman ;
  • CKGS Staff gave excellent service with a smile.
    J. Mirrer ;
  • CKGS Staff has really helped us a lot in filling the application & the process easier. Thank you.
    T. Garcia ;
  • CKGS Staff was very helpful, professional and nice!
    Joselen ;
  • CKGS Staff was terrific! Helpful & patient with all of us!!
    E. Tyebjee ;
  • CKGS Staff - great & fast service. All government offices should be as fast & nice as this one.
    R. Castillo ;
  • CKGS Staff was awesome, very friendly & respectful. Never had such a great experience in Indian services keep up the great work.
    P. Shukla ;
  • Very nice service, keep it up thank you.
    P. Byragani ;
  • CKGS Staff was very helpful with the application. Very professional and knowledgeable, Great employees!
    G. Desai ;
  • CKGS Staff made the process easier than I expected! Thank you for hiring such efficient employees.
    Mishallill ;
  • CKGS Staff – very satisfied with service.
    M. Dinivahi ;
  • Excellent service!!
    A. Patel ;
  • I applied on behalf of my mother who is 82yrs old Rasikkunverba Jadeja. The staff was extremely helpful and courteous. I am pleased with the experience. Thank you for the excellent service.
    M. Jadeja ;
  • Awesome customer service! Courteous and very prompt.
    B. Maniam ;
  • Overall experience with CKGS is very pleasant and smooth! Staff's are very co-operative and supportive. I am very happy with their working.
    S. Raut ;
  • CKGS Staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
    Melky ;
  • CKGS Staff was very helpful and patient with me. Thanks so much.
    K. Patel ;
  • I was amazed by the experience. Good job!! (Five stars)
    P. Shenoy ;
  • Very competence and professional! Thanks.
    R. Arya ;
  • Lady at the center was very helpful.
    P. Jeswant ;
  • Very helpful in assisting applicants!
    R. Patel ;
  • I can't say enough about the excellent service I received from CKGS Staff they went above and beyond their job duties. Great job!! (Five stars)
    B. Dhillon ;
  • CKGS Staff is very nice. They provided excellent customer service.
    Susan ;
  • Extremely satisfied with the support provided by the staff in providing the visa, though I was late providing the supporting document.
    U. K. Chennupatti ;
  • Great service!
    T. George ;
  • Felt very comfortable. Staff was friendly & knowledgeable.
    M. Amin ;
Applicant Feedback for San Francisco VISA Application Center
  • Thank you so much for your timely help for getting my tourist visa within few hours due to my emergency situation travel.
    I understand you get 100's of applications every day, but the way you all gave a personal attention to my case and helped me through every step; this speaks volume of your customer service.
    Thank you so much CKGS Team.
    R. B. Sridharan ;
  • Thanks for such a timely response and return time on the mail, love you guys so much and appreciate all the hard work through all the confusion and tension. I very much appreciate CKGS service. Thank you again CKGS Staff.
    K.E.P Hadfield ;
  • Incredibly impressed with the speed of processing and the regular updates sent to my mobile phone. Great system! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to my visit to Mumbai.
    D.B. Brimhall ;
  • Great and quick services. Web guide is well written and easy to understand. Telephone operators provide very detailed information and work with the applicant. CKGS staff is very polite. I advice applicant to apply and receive visa by UPS service. Visa services are very much approved. Keep up the good job and help applicants.
    K. Dhanowa ;
  • Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the timely help from the CKGS representatives I have spoken to. I called today to enquire about my visa and how I needed my passport back as I am traveling to India in 2 days. CKGS Staff understood the urgency of the matter, escalated the case, and ensured that I would get my passport in a timely manner. I really wanted to ensure that his work did not go unnoticed. Thank you CKGS!
    S. Ranganathan ;
  • I would like to thank everyone for excellent service at CKGS, who assisted with communications in getting visa just in time for travel.
    You were able to turn around Dr. B.'s visa in time for his travel. Communications were excellent.
    Thanks again.
    N. leaskou ;
  • I am writing this letter thanking CKGS for providing such excellent customer service.
    I called the CKGS call center (516) 206-1483 on July 28th 2016 and spoke with agent about the affidavit submitted.
    He also confirmed that the Notarized affidavit suffices the purpose explaining the middle name dropped during the Naturalization process.
    Reaching CKGS and getting confirmation on the required documents for OCI was easy and helpful.
    Just wanted to state that CKGS customer service is excellent and it is breather that the Indian Government has selected the right organization for serving the purpose.
    Thank you again!
    S. Shanthakumar ;
  • NOTE: WALK-INS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED (sign posted on door)...


    All docs are now sent express back to you (no office pick-up). So, plan accordingly...

    I went yesterday to my Visa request appointment, and was finished in 10 minutes. No line with new policy.

    I do not have my visa yet, but I did receive an instant acknowledgement of the documents' receipt, and before the end of the day, an acknowledgement that my docs had been processed by CKGS, and were now at the Indian Embassy (same day).

    I am very satisfied with the process so far.

    Just received email saying passport ready and has been picked up by FedEx. WOW!!!

    Incredibly fast turnaround... so pleased with the CKGS service.
    Katt B. ;
  • The front desk person was truly awesome. I wasn't completely prepared and walked in without an appointment. She supported me throughout the process.
    R Mital / P Mital ;
Applicant Feedback for Atlanta VISA Application Center
  • I would like to take a moment to let you know that I deeply appreciate your finest efforts in assisting me with my visa to India. You handled this situation and my concerns in a professional and courteous manner, which exhibited your commitment to excellence and extensive knowledge.

    I truly wish you the best, and may you derive great satisfaction in knowing that your work is respected.
    E.J. Padrón, President Miami Dade College ;