IMPORTANT NOTE: Indian Embassy/Consulates, CKGS Visa Application Centers and Contact Center will remain closed on Novemeber 12, 2019 on account of Guru Nanak's Birthday.


Overseas Citizenship of India is granted to applicants who have acquired citizenship of a foreign country and who were of Indian Origin, or were or are eligible to become a citizen of India, or are a spouse of an OCI / PIO Holder or a spouse of Citizen of India. Under the Indian Citizenship Act, persons of Indian Origin are not allowed to claim dual citizenship.
Please note that the application once finalised cannot be modified. So ensure that you are entering the correct data while doing online registration and filling forms on both CKGS and Government website. In case you have finalised wrong data, you have to register again with the correct details and get the print outs with fresh file number before submitting the application to CKGS Center. We strongly recommend you to read "How to apply" page and sample form "before applying".

OCI Application - Get Started

Please complete the OCI Application Form before you start the registration process on CKGS website. Using the reference number generated from the OCI application, register on the CKGS website to complete your application process.
Applicant Details

These questions will determine if you are eligible for an OCI card

OCI in Lieu of PIO
All PIO cards are valid until March 31, 2020. After March 31, 2020, handwritten PIO cards will be considered as Invalid travel documents according to the ICAO guidelines. Therefore, all applicants, who have not yet converted their PIO cards to OCI card, are requested to apply for OCI in lieu of PIO.