How to Apply



It is very important that you follow the process defined on the CKGS website to cancel your PIO Card at

PIO Card holders who wish to cancel their previously acquired PIO Card must apply for CANCELLATION OF PIO CARD.

Step 1 Get Started to apply for CANCELLATION OF PIO CARD
  • Click on to begin your CANCELLATION OF PIO CARD process.
  • Keep these details handy before you fill your PIO Cancellation form.
    1. Your Current US / Foreign Passport Number
    2. Details of Current Citizenship
    3. Details of previous Nationality (if any)
    4. Existing PIO Card
Step 2 Fill in the widget

The widget contains PIO categories, where you must select CANCELLATION OF PIO CARD to proceed with your PIO Cancelation:

Step 3 Result Page

You will get the following information:

  • Document Checklist: Read the document checklist carefully which lists the documents, forms, letters, and whether originals / or copies are required.

  • Processing Time

Step 4 Forms
  • Print 1 copy of the Document Checklist.
  • Fill the forms with your correct details.
  • Print the forms
  • Review and check the forms and letters.
  • Sign the forms / letters where indicated.
Step 5 Choose Mode of Submission Choose your mode of submission of your Application to CKGS either by Shipping or Walk-in.
Step 5a Shipping SHIPPING:
You can book your shipping at the appropriate step on the CKGS website. You will have to send your fully completed application (all documents and complete payment) through Shipping. It is recommended that you purchase your shipment through CKGS as this will save you the need to travel, parking charges, as well as waiting time at the CKGS Application Center.

Applications must be sent to the CKGS Application Center of your jurisdiction. It must NOT be sent to the Mission.

Simply print the label which will automatically be addressed as follows. Please see example:

CKGS Application Center Name
PIO Department
CKGS Application Center Address
CKGS Application Center Location
CKGS Application Zip Code

Important Note on Shipping bought through CKGS

  • Please send only 1 Application per package.
  • Weight of the package should be less than 0.5Lbs.
  • The shipping label provided by CKGS must be pasted on the envelope.
  • Only use the envelopes shown below to send with the shipping label provided by CKGS:

  • DO NOT enclose your application in any other packaging except for the ones displayed above.
  • DO NOT request a pickup by FedEx / UPS as this is not included in the price.
  • If more than one application is sent in the same package, then the application will be put on hold.
  • DO NOT use the shipping label to submit an application outside of your jurisdiction.

Applications sent in the wrong packaging will not be processed until CKGS is reimbursed the difference in the amount for shipping applications in the wrong packaging.

Please note that the conditions of the Shipping provider are in addition to the Terms and Conditions of CKGS.

Note on Prepaid/Own Shipping Label
In case you use your own shipping label, ensure that you provide the AWB Number and Service provider’s details when you are prompted at the Shipping stage. This is Compulsory to avoid delays.

If you have used your own label, we cannot take any responsibility of pick-up and delivery to you. The Shipping Service providers often do not acknowledge receipt of the envelopes. Nor will CKGS drop off your prepaid envelopes to your shipping service provider as you have not bought the shipping service from us.

  • FedEx Prepaid Envelopes sent by you are NOT accepted.
  • USPS Pre-paid labels have an expiry date and hence they are NOT accepted by CKGS.
  • For Prepaid envelopes, CKGS will not be responsible to contact you, and if you ignore this point for any delay occurring will be your liability.
(5b) Walkin WALK-IN:
Applicant can come in person and submit the application along with all documents at the CKGS Application Center.
  • All documents submitted should be provided in the same order as they appear on the Document Checklist.
Step 6 Payment
  • Payments must be made by Credit Card online or at the CKGS Application Center.

    Your Fees include:





    ICWF - Indian Community Welfare Fund



    CKGS Service Fee

    $17 per application


    Optional Fee

    Courier Service, SMS etc

  • Payment has to be made separately for each Applicant.
  • Convenience charges will apply for Credit Card.
  • Cash will NOT be accepted.
  • Personal Checks will NOT be accepted.
  • If fees are not paid in full, CKGS will not be responsible for any delays and consequential charges that you may incur.
Step 7 Submit Your Physical Application to CKGS

Once you have completed the online process, you will now have to submit your physical application along with the required supporting documents via shipping or walk-in option selected by you to the CKGS Application Center as per the Jurisdiction of your application.

  • Place all the filled and signed completed forms, documents and letters in the same order as mentioned in the document checklist
  • Check that the number of documents have been collated and are correct as per your document checklist.
  • Tick off the boxes on both the checklists, as you put the documents into your envelope for submission of your 'Complete' Application.
  • Enclose 1 copy of the document checklist in your envelope and keep one for your reference.

Remember that the processing of your application will ONLY commence once your physical application package is received by us at the CKGS Application Center, failing which the application cannot be processed.

If you have used the CKGS shipping option, you will get an email acknowledgement once CKGS receives the actual application package at the CKGS Application Center stating 'Received, but Not Verified'. Later, you will receive an e-mail advising you of the outcome of the verification process.