Renunciation of PIO

  • Introduction
  • How to Apply
  • Document Checklist & Forms
  • Fees
  • Courier
  • Processing Time
ALL Documents & Forms submitted should be provided in the same order as they appear on the
"Document Checklist".
Who is eligible
All PIO card holders who wish to renounce previously acquired PIO card.
Do I need a Renunciation Certificate
For PIO applicants, who have ever held an Indian Passport, it is mandatory to provide proof of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship along with your PIO application.

If you already have a Renunciation Certificate or if you have a "Cancelled on Acquisition of Foreign Citizenship" Stamp on your most recent Indian passport, then you DO NOT need to apply / re-apply for a Renunciation Certificate.

If you do not have a Renunciation Certificate or If you have a Cancelled Stamp on your most recent Indian Passport due to any other reason apart from Naturalization, then you have to apply for a Renunciation Certificate.

Please click here for document checklist, forms and fees and further information.
Non-US Applicants
Non-US applicants must give your permanent address in your home country without which your application cannot be processed.
Where should I apply
  • You may submit your fully completed application (Complete documents & Full payments) through Post or In-Person.
  • Please note that PIO applications cannot be submitted through Third Party Agents.
  • To know which CKGS Centre you need to submit your application, click on
Duration & Process
All applicants may note that Renunciation of PIO Application will take approximately 10-15 working days from the time application is submitted at the Embassy / Consulate. This does not include transit times.
New Rules for PIO
Effective 30th Sept 2014, as per the Notification of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the PIO rules have changed and will still have further updates

  • A PIO Card issued to an applicant shall be valid for his / her lifetime from the date of issue provided that such applicant has a valid US or Foreign Passport
  • The above is valid for existing PIO Cards and as well as New PIO Cards issued post 30th Sept 2014-11-21
  • PIO Card holders if staying in India for a period of over 6 months need not go to FRRO (Local) and get their extended stay endorsed. This ruling is done away with.
  • For any further clarifications and updates, please visit the Embassy / Consulate website
Document Checklist
For the Document Checklist, click

ALL documents submitted should be provided in the same order as they appear on the Document Checklist.
Biometric Submission
Biometric Enrolment – TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY for ATLANTA.

Step 1 Locate the Center where you need to submit your application Click on Jurisdictions to know which ‘Indian Mission’ you fall under.

For Eg: If you live in Arizona, you fall under San Francisco
If you live in Massachusetts, you fall under New York

Step 2 Preparation of Application file
  • Visit CKGS Website at
  • Go to PIO Section
  • Choose the desired category
  • Click on Document Checklist for the relevant forms and all other supporting documents
  • All documents should be arranged in the same order as they appear on the checklist.

Step 3 Payment Fees are broken down accordingly: (The fees shown is in USD)

Renunciation of PIO Card 25 3 17.00 45.00


  • Payment has to be made separately for each Applicant.
  • If applying in a group, please ensure that total applicable fee for each Individual is paid separately.
Step 4 Mode of Payment
  • You can pay ONLINE OR OFFLINE or by a combination of both options:
  • Payment can be made by Credit Card / Debit Card
  • You can also make your payment by Money Order / Cashier’s Check / Bankers Check in the name of "Cox & Kings Global Services USA LLC"

If Fee is not paid in full, CKGS will not be responsible for any damages as a result of delays.

If submitting by MO, kindly mention the Tracking Number / Web Reference number at the back of the MO.
Step 5 Getting the application file ready for submission
  • Arrange forms and documents in the same order as mentioned in the document checklist.
  • Print 2 copies of the Document Checklist and keep it ready to submit along with your application.

Step 1 Identify CKGS Application Center for submission Click on Application-Centres to know which CKGS Application Centre you need to submit your application.

For eg: If you live in Arizona, you fall under CKGS San Francisco Application Centre
If you live in Massachusetts, you fall under CKGS New York Application Centre

Step 2 Choose Mode of Submission Depending on how far you live from the location of CKGS Application Centre, you may choose to send your application by POST / Courier or Walk into our centre.

Option 1: By POST / Courier (Highly recommended)

Sending your fully completed application (Complete documents & Full payments) through POST / Courier is the recommended option as this will save you the need to travel, parking charges, as well as wait times at the application centers.

If choosing to submit by Post / Courier, please mark the package referring to example below

For eg: Sending to CKGS New York Application Center

Attn To: Renunciation of PIO Application
CKGS Application Centre
PIO Department
2nd floor,
235 West, 23rd Street,
New York, NY 10011

Use the above address FORMAT for your respective centers in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston & Atlanta

Option 2: Submission by Walk In

  • Book your appointment with the CKGS Application Centre online.
  • Come in person on your designated appointment date and time and submit the application at the CKGS Application Centre.

Step 3 Application Processing at CKGS During the processing of your application, if it is noticed that there are any documents or forms missing, you will be contacted by an authorized CKGS representative for re-submission of missing or incorrect documents. CKGS will not be responsible for delays in completing the application process as a result of this.

Step 4 Submission of completed application at Embassy / Consulate CKGS will submit your completed application form post verification of all the required documents to the respective Embassy / Consulate for your jurisdiction.

Step 1 Track your Application For Renunciation of PIO Application, you can check the status of your application post submission by entering the Tracking ID on
Step 2 Processing Time Average processing time for Renunciation of PIO Application is 10-15 working days. This does not include transit time.

There is no need to call the call centre unless we exceed the average processing time.
Step 3 Return of Processed documents
  • Fedex bought through CKGS: If you have paid for return courier service through CKGS, we will dispatch your passport via Fedex Standard Overnight service.
  • Collection: If you have opted for collection of your documents in person or through an authorized representative, you will receive an email notification advising you to collect your documents from CKGS Visa Application Centre.

Step 4 How to Contact Us To Contact Us, please log on to and click on Contact / Feedback / Complaints.
NON US Passport Holders Document Checklist Forms
Renunciation of PIO Adult Download Checklist Click here for Forms


General Note for the Checklist Component:
  1. Print out 1 Set of the Checklist and tick the boxes against the required documents before enclosing them in the envelope for submission.
  2. All forms and letters must be typed.
  3. All forms as per Checklist to be printed and SIGNED.
  4. Signatures have to be in the Applicants personal handwriting.
  5. The Documents mentioned under the Checklist are MANDATORY. All the documents have to be submitted along with the application. If any are missing / incorrect, then the application would be treated as ‘INCOMPLETE’ and processing will be kept ‘On Hold’ until the documents are ‘Complete’.
  6. If an applicant is applying for more than a single service, then the necessary documentation will be as per the Checklist that is required For EACH OF THE SERVICES applied. Each Service would be processed separately and will have a separate Checklist. Even if the mandatory documents seem repetitive, they are required to be given separately. The exceptions being original documents such as a passport.
  7. There could be additional documents to be submitted post the verification of the application as required by the Consulate / Embassy. The decision of the Embassy / Consulate is FINAL in all such cases.
  8. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure accuracy and completeness of their application.
  9. Important Note: If you ever held an Indian Passport, it is mandatory to provide proof of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship along with your Visa / OCI / PIO application. Please click here for document checklist, forms and fees.
NON US Passport Holders - Renunciation of PIO - Adult Forms
Declaration of Renunciation of PIO Icon PDF Download
Additional Particulars Form (for all Jurisdiction except San Francisco &
New York)
Icon PDF Download
Additional Particulars Form (for New York only) Icon PDF Download
Additional Particulars Form (for San Francisco only) Icon PDF Download
CKGS Disclaimer Form icon PDF Download
Passport Withdrawal Form
(Only if wanted to withdraw the passport in between of the application process)

  • A Processing Service Fee of $17 will be collected by CKGS Application Center per application and it is non-refundable.
  • Mode of Payment:
    • Credit Card (Additional charges / commission may be levied / charged by the Originating Bank).
    • Money order / Cashier's Check / Banker's Check  favouring “Cox & Kings Global Services USA LLC”, which includes the PIO fee, ICWF Fee and CKGS Service Fee
  • If payment is not paid in full, processing delays will occur.
Fees are broken down accordingly: (The fees shown is in USD)

Getting your processed documents back via FedEx is the most recommended option as this will save you the need to travel to the CKGS Application Centre locations; thus saving a lot of valuable time and money spent on parking fees. We strongly recommend using FedEx bought through CKGS.

  • CKGS can arrange to return your documents through secured FedEx Standard Overnight delivery for a nominal fee of $ 15 (inclusive of taxes) for each application, which has to be paid along with the payment for processing your application.
  • Return of your documents by FedEx is optional service.
  • Courier Fee once paid is not refundable/transferable even if you do not apply for the service or proceed with the Application, or decide to collect your documents personally by visiting the Visa Application Center.

  1. Once you buy the Return Courier from CKGS, DO NOT PRINT the label. The Fedex label will be generated by CKGS when we dispatch your passport. Fedex will not be sending you a copy of the return courier label.
  2. The documents will be returned ONLY to your registered present address as specified in your application form.
  3. In case of a change of address for the return courier, CKGS is unable to assist with this change request and does not take any liability for such claims that may arise.
  4. Please Note: One Envelope can only carry documents for one Applicant due to security reasons. This applies for both prepaid & courier bought through CKGS.
  5. No employee of CKGS has the authority whatever to change, amend, amplify or withdraw these Terms and Conditions.

  2. DO NOT send Handwritten return envelopes as they will NOT be accepted.
  3. You must put the complete address of CKGS Visa Application Centre in the ‘Sender’ fields on the labels.
  4. CKGS will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damages to the documents while in transit.
  1. FedEx Prepaid Envelopes brought directly by you from Fedex will NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  2. Handwritten Prepaid Labels
  3. DO NOT PRINT the label for Return Courier if brought from CKGS. CKGS will generate the label when we dispatch your documents.
Regular processing time Renunciation of PIO Application is approximately 10-15 working days from the date completed application is received in the Embassy / Consulate.

For Houston – Processing time is 2 weeks.

There are no Expedited or Emergency Services for Renunciation of PIO. For any Imminent travel please apply for a Visa.

  1. The Processing time mentioned above is a general processing time however this processing time is dependent on various factors and may vary from time to time.
  2. Processing time mentioned above, do not include time taken by courier companies to deliver the passport. Incomplete / Incorrect applications will increase the processing time and applicants will need to comply with any changes in the procedure that may occur during this time.
  3. CKGS Application Center will not be liable for any claims of inconvenience or penalties should applicant need to make changes to their travel plans owing to the delays and / or any inconvenience caused due to any rejections.